The latest in Healthy cooking - STEAM & Convection combination Oven

Posted by Sohan Parekh on

We have all heard the benefits of the air-fryer, how about the STEAM oven? Well this is the latest in healthy cooking. We introduce the STEAM & CONVECTION combination oven. Cook, roast, steam, broil, bake all with the power of steam! This combination oven has a large 1L water tank to beautifully roast meats and vegetables without any oil. The steaming process locks in the freshness and the convection function them roasts the meal to golden perfection. Boasting a large 28L capacity with a powerful 2050W, this oven can handle anything. It is gorgeous too, with a gloss black glass facade, full touchscreen and LED display, it'll make any home or office into a contemporary modern area.

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