We welcome the Air Fryer Oven

Posted by Sohan Parekh on

Everyone has heard of the Air Fryer. They traditionally come in small 6 to 9L formats and are good for making a few dishes. We have just launched 2 versions of the Air Fryer Oven in 24L sizes. Not only can they do the smaller dishes, but they also handle larger meals for the whole family. They are so versatile, they are a god send for families on the go. Short on time, put all the ingredients in at one go. SHort on space, no problem, the Air Fryer Oven will replace your traditional oven, toaster, small air fryer, dehydrator, fermentor and so much more. It does almost everything. We have 2 models, the 1st, contemporary matt black unit with a full touchscreen digital key pad, the 2nd a stylish brushed stainless steel facade unit with traditional knobs and a a stunning LCD screen. Check them out in our Air Fryer section today.

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